NiSi 150mm Square Filter System

Filter Size

Our 150mm range is designed for ultra-wide lenses without a standard filter thread. Popular examples are the Nikon 14-24mm and Tamron 15-30mm. Our 150mm S5 holders allow two square filters plus a CPL to be used on these ultra-wide lenses.


Why should I use a 150mm filter holder system?

If you practice landscape or seascape photography with an ultra-wide lens and a fixed hood, a 150mm filter holder and filter are a great addition to your setup. Simply mount the holder on a tripod for easy addition or removal of filters, and you're ready to go Our NiSi 150mm filter kit also lets you add ND filters and a polarizer without a filter thread, giving you the option to stack multiple filters with ease. No matter which NiSi 150mm filter kit you choose from our collection, you can expect the same great quality performance and easy-to-use features which NiSi products are known for.

What lenses are compatible with the 150mm filter holder system?

NiSi supports a massive range of ultra-wide lenses with a fixed hood and no filter thread. Need a hand finding the right filter for your lens? Check out our lens search tool and discover the best fit for your setup.

Does the NiSi 150mm filter system offer kits?

NiSi offers a range of 150mm filter kits to suit every level of landscape photographer. Whether you're just starting out or a professional who needs a filter kit they can rely on, we've got you covered. Choose from the Starter, Advanced or Professional Kit to complement the NiSi S6 150mm filter holder, or talk to someone about finding the perfect 150mm filter holder kit for you.

Why should I buy a NiSi 150mm square filter kit?

With our trademark simplified and streamlined approach, the NiSi 150mm filter holder kits contain everything you need to get snapping. Find the most suitable filter and filter holder for your setup using our lens search tool or talk to someone about finding the perfect 150mm filter for you.

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