Why NiSi?

NiSi is a leading researcher and developer of optical glass manufacturing techniques operating since 2005, with the major production factories based in China. NiSi manufactures optical filters, neutral density filters, filter holders, lenses, and other still and video camera accessories with more than 500 products in our range. Innovation continues with NiSi creating 10 – 20 new products per year to suit a range of cameras.

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality optical products to allow photographers to produce the best quality images with optimal clarity, sharpness, and color reproduction.

NiSi Optical Glass

NiSi manufacture lens filters with the highest grade optical glass. Our glass is manufactured and produced directly within our own factories – meaning we can control the quality from start to finish. This standard of glass is typically only found on the highest quality precision optical lenses such as high-end medical imaging equipment, telescopes, and in high-end lenses by manufacturers like Canon, Sony & Zeiss.

NiSi Nano Coating

Our proprietary NiSi Nano Pro multi-coating reduces reflections and glare, and adds a waterproof layer on both sides of the filter for easy cleaning and removal of fingerprints, smudges, and dust. The scratch resistant coating increases durability and shatter resistance while ensuring image quality is not jeopardized when the coating is applied to the high quality optical glass used in our NiSi filter range.

Optimal Light Transmittance

NiSi Transmittance

When using camera lens filters of any kind it is very important that the maximum amount of light is transmitted to the camera sensor with even distribution to maximize sharpness and overall image quality. Even when using ND filters which are designed to reduce the amount of light entering the camera, it is still important to ensure that the overall quality of light is still maximized for the given density.

B270 Scott Glass is generally referred to as the industry standard in glass used in lens filters. The optical glass used in our NiSi filters allows for higher overall light transmittance and better color reproduction compared to B270. Aberrations and other optical defects are minimized by ensuring maximum and even light transmission.

IR Treatment

The term “neutral” in “neutral density filters” refers to the way color is reproduced. Colour needs to be reproduced as accurately as possible for the optimal image quality, and any shifts in hue or overall white balance through the use of sub-standard ND filters can lead to a loss of contrast, saturation, and vibrancy. And this is where our proprietary NiSi IR Coating differs from many filters on the market.

IR light is wavelengths of light within a particular spectrum not visible to the human eye, but able to been captured by camera sensors, which can be quite sensitive to these spectrums. IR light causes a degradation in image quality by introducing visible haze, or by causing a shift in color temperature often seen in a visible magenta (cool) or red (warm) tint.

The NiSi IR Coating blocks these light polluting wavelengths of light to ensure sharpness and truly “neutral” color reproduction that should be expected of Neutral Density Filters.

NiSi Comparison IR

Anti Reflective Coating

Reflection Test

As part of our proprietary NiSi multi-coating process, we aim to reduce the impact of any potential reflections caused by filter frames, the lens itself, or other external sources with an anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coating.

Even the tiniest bit of reflected light or objects being reflected around the edges of the filter frames can impact the overall image quality. Reflections can impact the quality of light transmittance. Image quality is defined by the amount and quality of light being collected by a camera sensor. From start to finish, everything about NiSi filters is designed to ensure optimal image quality through the use of the best quality glass and multi-coating process.

Local Support

With a team based in Crows Nest NSW, and with a large distribution reach through many local camera stores, photographers, resellers and other retailers we are able to support customers from within Australia with product knowledge and training, long term customer support, warranties and country wide shipping of NiSi products.

Our team have many combined years of experience as photographers, videographers, content developers, retail and wholesale camera industry. We know and understand the needs of the constantly evolving photography industry and are always available to support our customer base.


The team at NiSi Filters Australia is extremely passionate about the photography industry and supporting the greater photography community. We aim to reach as many people as possible through workshops and other educational events, live streaming webinars on our Youtube and other social media channels.

We support many community groups, photographers, and events through partnerships and sponsorships at the grassroots level all the way through to the most hardcore enthusiasts and professionals. Our team aims to be present at as many trade shows and industry events as possible and work with many large retailers to support educational programs hosted by some of the best photographers in their given niche markets.

We hope to see what you create with NiSi products on social media. Give us a follow on any of the channels below and share your work using #nisiopticsusa to be part of our online communities.

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