NiSi S6 Kit 150mm Filter Holder with CPL

NiSi S6 150mm Filter Holder Kit with CPL for Sony FE 12-24mm f/2.8 GM
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The NiSi S6 filter holder is ideal for landscape photographers who wish to use an ultra-wide-angle lens with a filter system. The S6 filter holder is constructed with aluminum alloy utilizing CNC technology. It allows the use of an integrated CPL and two 150mm filters without vignetting throughout 360 degrees of rotation.

The NiSI S6 150mm filter system includes a back adaptor designed for a specific lens that can be changed to allow the filter holder and CPL to be used with another lens.

  • Allows the use of two filters with an integrated rotating Landscape CPL
  • 360 degree rotating
  • Integrated locking system to lock the front filter holder
  • Aluminum-alloy construction
  • Gear for orienting polarizer
  • Includes case and lens cap
  • No vignetting 360 degrees (Except Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 DG HSM Art (Canon EF and Nikon F))

S6 Models

S6 with NC CPL

S6 Kit with Landscape NC CPL

The Landscape NC CPL provides a more uniform polarisation, Increases the intensity of polarisation, Maintains a more neutral color balance, and has a greater haze reduction effect.

S6 Contents Landscape CPL
S6 Filter Holder | S6 Landscape NC CPL | S6 Adaptor Ring | S6 Holder Pouch | Lens Cap
S6 Pro CPL

S6 Kit with Pro CPL

The Pro CPL has a traditional warmer tone like the majority of CPL’s available. The Pro CPL increases saturation, the effect is not as intense as the Landscape CPL.

S6 Contents Pro CPL
S6 Filter Holder | S6 Pro CPL | S6 Adaptor Ring | S6 Holder Pouch | Lens Cap


S6 Back Side

Two Slot Design

NiSi unique design applies pressure to the edges of the filter instead of the traditional clip design that holds the front and back surfaces of the filter.  Offers better protection of the filters and allows a very smooth and easy install.

Three Part Design

The S6 features a three-part design: Filter Holder, CPL, and back adaptor. The back adaptor can be changed to suit other lenses or convert the S6 to work with standard filter threads.

Gear Design to Rotate the CPL

A geared design allows the integrated CPL to be rotated while using 150mm filters using two gear located on the rear of the holder, a design feature taken from our leading 100mm holders.

S6 Gears

Locking System

Locking the filter holder into position is easy using the new locking wheel. Unlock the wheel before adding or removing the filter holder.

Anti-Reflective Treatment

Due to the wide focal length and the large amount of light coming in from the bulb head, ghosting and flare can occur when using a filter system. To solve this problem, the S6 main adaptor uses the same matting treatment as the high-end lens hood.

S6 Matte Anti Reflective Coating-2-2-2




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