NiSi Explorer Collection 150x150mm Nano IR Neutral Density filter – ND8 (0.9) – 3 Stop

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  • Hardened Glass Filter
  • Less Prone to Accidental Damage
  • Made for Active Photographers that Love Adventure
  • True to life color, No color cast
  • Provides a 3-stop light reduction
  • No Vignetting
  • High Definition
  • Nano Coating on Both Sides, Water & Oil Repellent
  • Compatible with the NiSi 150mm system


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150mm Explorer Series: 3 Stop (ND8)
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  • Explorer 150mm ND64
  • Explorer 150mm ND1000
  • Explorer 150mm Medium
  • Explorer 150mm Reverse
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The NiSi Explorer Collection 150x150mm Nano IR Neutral Density filter – ND8 (0.9) – 3 Stop is part of our 150mm Explorer Series for made for adventure. The filters feature a special glass hardening process that makes them double the strength of typical optical glass filters.  The Explorer series are much less prone to accidental breakage and perfect for active photographers.

Neutral density (ND) filters uniformly reduce the amount of light entering the lens.  ND Filters can enable greater motion blurring and image detail by allowing a large aperture and a slow shutter speed.  ND filters are also helpful when the contrast between the highlights and shadows is too high to get a quality exposure.  The ND8 3 Stop is commonly used for waterfalls and capturing water flow at shutter speeds from 0.5 seconds to 2 seconds.

NiSi ND filters do not affect the coloration of the image, offer a true to life color, and are made from high-quality optical glass (not resin) with nano coating to prevent losing any single bit of detail.  By using neutral density filter the camera is vulnerable to infrared light which will cast the unwanted red color to the photos when shooting at a small aperture. NiSi ND filters have an infrared protection coating layer to eliminate the infrared light through the lens to bring back the natural true to life color.

The NiSi Explorer Collection is made from B270 tempered glass.  It features the same Nano coating process as our optical glass filters.  This filter is tempered and hardened making it much less prone to accidental damage but this does not mean it is unbreakable.  After a long period of time, the hardening may decline.

The NiSi 150mm filter system is great for cameras with lenses that have a standard filter thread from 49 mm to 95mm.  

This 150x150mm filter is compatible with the NiSi 150mm filter system. 


comparison ND8

Explorer 150mm ND8
This item: NiSi Explorer Collection 150x150mm Nano IR Neutral Density filter - ND8 (0.9) - 3 Stop

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$299.00 inc. GST
$299.00 inc. GST
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Additional information

Packaged Dimensions20.5 × 20.5 × 2 cm
Filter Size


Filter Type

ND8 (0.9)


B270 Glass with IR Nano Coating



F-Stop Reduction

3 Stop

Compatible Holders

NiSi Q 150mm Holders, NiSi S5 150mm Holders


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Explorer 150mm ND8
NiSi Explorer Collection 150x150mm Nano IR Neutral Density filter – ND8 (0.9) – 3 Stop
$299.00 inc. GST