What are the differences between the NiSi Pro CPL and Enhanced Landscape CPL?


There are two different circular polarizers available to suit the V5 and V6 100mm NiSi filter systems – the NiSi Pro CPL and the Enhanced Landscape CPL. Prior to the V5 Pro filter holder being released, the NiSi Pro CPL was the standard circular polarizer that came with the V5 filter holder kit as well as the NiSi Starter / Advanced / Professional Kits. Since the release of the V5 Pro and V6 filter holder kits the Enhanced CPL is now the default CPL within the boxed kits.
Both of the above mentioned circular polarizers are interchangeable with each other and are also available to be purchased independently of any filter holders and kits. They will both fit into the 82mm adaptor rings that come with the V5, V5 Pro, V5 Alpha and the last V6 filter holder. There is a 150mm version of both the Pro CPL and Enhanced CPL for the S5 150mm filter system.
There are some key differences in the designs and performance of the NiSi Pro CPL and the Enhanced Landscape CPL. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between the NiSI Pro CPL and the Enhanced Landscape CPL.

Increased Saturation with the NiSi Enhanced Landscape CPL

The NiSi Enhanced Landscape CPL provides increased saturation and overall vibrancy when compared to the NiSi Pro CPL. Blues and greens in particular will appear more saturated when using the Enhanced Landscape CPL, but other colours will also come to life with more vibrancy. You will notice this the most in the sky and in any foliage such as grass, ferns and other plants.

Cooler tones (white balance) when using the Enhanced Landscape CPL

Circular polarizers tend to have a warmer tone when using them compared to no filter. The Enhanced Landscape CPL has a slightly cooler tone than the NiSi Pro CPL. This combined with the increased saturation helps to keep colour accurate, vibrant and saturated for improved colour when using the NiSi Enhanced Circular Polarizer.

NiSi Enhanced CPL includes Nano Coating for easy cleaning

NiSi manufacture the proprietary NiSi IR-Nano coating which allows filters to be cleaned and maintained easily. Water and other liquid will tend to “bead” rather than spreading and smearing across the filters. Our coating also adds a protective layer to help with scratch resistance to maximise the life of your filter. The NiSi Enhanced CPL includes the Nano Coating. The NiSi Pro CPL does not.

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