The essential NiSi filter accessories for the Fujifilm X100 series


The Fujifilm X100 series of compact cameras are highly regarded and extremely popular within the passionate Fujifilm photography community. The X100 series are especially popular within the travel and street photography niches thanks to the compact design, ease of use and great image quality. Within the X100 series of cameras, there are currently (as of writing this) 5 individual models – the original X100, X100S, X100T, X100F and X100V. All of the X100 series cameras are APS-C format, 23mm f/2 fixed prime lens, hybrid viewfinder and retro styling that defines Fujifilm camera designs.

NiSi manufactures a range of filters and a custom filter holder that is designed specifically for the Fujifilm X100 series of cameras. Our Fujifilm filter holder screws onto the X100 lens once the standard mounting ring that comes fitted to the lens is removed, and is built tough made from the same aluminum used in our popular V6 system. It holds two filters from our P1 mobile phone filter range.
The NiSi P1 series of filters offer a range of ND filters including 3 Stop ND (ND8)6 Stop (ND64)10 Stop (ND1000)Natural NightHD Polariser3 Stop Medium Grad and 3 Stop Soft Grad which will help you get creative with shutter speeds and balance the light and overall exposure across your scenes. Custom-designed filters to fit the 23mm lens including the UHD UV and the Allure Soft for Fujifilm X100 series are also available.

NiSi Professional or Starter Kit for Fujifilm X100 Series

The NiSi Professional Kit for Fujifilm X100 series cameras features the custom-designed Fujifilm X100 filter holder, a medium GND, Polariser, ND8 (3 Stop), Natural Night and carry case. The included filters will help you get creative with longer exposures, balance the light across the scene, remove glare and reflections from water and non-metallic surfaces, and capture crisp, colour accurate images in night scenes.
The NiSi Starter Kit for Fujifilm X100 series features four filters – the NiSi Medium GND8 (0.9) 3 Stop Graduated Filter, HD Polariser, ND8 (3 Stop) and Natural Night.  All filters in the compatible P1 series of filters are made from optical quality glass and offer amazing image quality.
The included protective case will help keep everything safe while storing the filter holder and filters in your bag.

NiSi Filter System for Fujifilm X100
X100V Header

NiSi UHD UV Filters for Fujifilm X100 Series

The NiSi UHD UV for Fujifilm X100 series is a custom manufactured UV filter designed to complement either the black or silver finish and retro styling of the X100 series by Fujifilm.
The filter is multicoated, made from optical glass for ultra HD sharpness, absorbs ultraviolet light and works as a clear protection filter to protect the front of the x100 lens. The original X100V lens cap (only the X100V lens cap) can be used with the NiSi UHD UV for Fujifilm X100 and can be placed over the filter for protection from accidental knocks and impacts.
The NiSi UHD UV Filter for Fujifilm X100 series offeres the same level of water resistance that comes with the standard factory Fujifilm 23mm f/2 lens filter.

NiSi UHD UV for Fujifilm X100/X100S/X100T/X100V (Silver)

NiSi UHD UV for Fujifilm X100/X100S/X100T/X100V (Silver)

NiSi Allure Soft (White) Filters for Fujifilm X100 Series

NiSi Allure Soft (White) diffuses and softens strong light entering the lens and produces a diffused glowing effect. This filter is designed specifically for the Fujifilm X100/X100S/X100F/X100T/X100V and is available in either black or silver to complement your specific colour choice.
The resulting image appears softer and ethereal with little loss of clarity or detail. This filter works by diffusing the light entering the lens with small particles; by spreading the light more evenly, a soft glow is created rather than the sharp, well-defined image when shooting without a filter.
The soft effect of this filter makes it widely used in portrait photography, which can cover up blemishes on the face or skin. For landscape photography, using the Allure Soft filter can add glowing effects to strong light.

NiSi PRO Quick Release Plates

The NiSi PRO Quick Release plate is an Arca-Swiss/RRS compatible mounting plate for cameras and is made from hard-anodized aluminum for durability. At 65mm long it provides plenty of stability to support the Fujifilm X100 series of cameras on a huge range of compatible ball heads.
A winged screw design makes tightening and loosening the NiSi PRO Quick Release plate easy for quick changes of equipment or adjusting the positioning of the plate.
The integrated strap mount will support shoulder, chest, and cuff style camera straps while keeping the quick release plate securely attached to the camera. The NiSi PRO Quick Release Plate is available in Black or Champagne Grey.

NiSi PRO Quick Release Plate A-65G (Gold)

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