NiSi Allure Soft White for Fujifilm X100 Series (Black Frame)

$85.00 inc. GST

  • Soft Diffusion Filter
  • Creates Glow Effect
  • Softens Skin and Blemishes
  • Create a Dream-like Atmosphere
  • Design to complement the X100 and match the finishes
  • The Original x100V Lens Cap can be placed directly on to the UV filter (only the X100V lens cap)
  • Supports the Fujifilm X100/X100S/X100F/X100T/X100V

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Allure Soft Filter Sizes: Fuji X100 (Black)





NiSi Allure Soft diffuses and softens strong light entering the lens and produces a diffused glowing effect. While the resulting image appears softer and ethereal with little loss of clarity or detail. This filter works by diffusing the light entering the lens with small particles; by spreading the light more evenly, a soft glow is created rather than the sharp, well-defined image when shooting without a filter. Β This filter is designed specifically for the Fujifilm X100/X100S/X100F/X100T/X100V and is designed to complement the black finish of the X100 series by Fujifilm.

The Soft effect of this filter makes it widely used in portrait photography, which can cover up blemishes on the face or skin. For Landscape Photography, using the Soft filter can ad glowing effects to strong light.


Allure Soft Example


This item: NiSi Allure Soft White for Fujifilm X100 Series (Black Frame)
$85.00 inc. GST
$85.00 inc. GST
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Additional information

Filter Size

Designed to specifically fit the Fujifilm X100 Series

Filter Type

Allure Soft


Aluminium Frame