Which NiSi filter system is best to use with the Canon 15-35mm RF f/2.8L IS lens?


The new Canon 15-35mm RF f/2.8L IS lens is sure to be one of the most popular lens choices for landcsape photographers using the new RF mounts on the Canon EOS R, RP and future cameras in the new Canon mirrorless range. Since the launch of this lens we have been asked numerous questions about which NiSi system is best to use with the lens and have been able to test it with all of our current generation filter systems.
The extra focal range offered when compared to the previous generation Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II / III (and the f/4 variant) provides a bit more flexibility in terms of compositions and capturing a slightly wider field of view, while offering an impressive image quality, overall sharpness and the inclusion of IS for those who shoot handheld. The new design of the lens with the extending front element to change the focal length harks back to the older first generation 24-70 f/2.8L which had an extending front tube which had the widest focal length at is longest extension, and the narrower end when the lens is at it’s shortest (the reverse to most lenses).


The choice of which NiSi filter system to use with this lens will come down to the selection of other lenses you have in your kit and whether you plan to stack multiple filters together. Let’s take a look at which NiSi filter system is best to use with the Canon 15-35mm RF f/2.8L IS lens.

Best option – Use the 100mm NiSi filter System with the Canon 15-35mm RF f/2.8L lens

The good news for those that have invested into the 100mm filter system (our most popular size) is there is no hard vignetting (darkening of the corners of the image) at either the narrowest or widest focal lengths available on the Canon 15-35mm RF lens when the NiSi filter holder is orientated at either 0° or 90°. There is a very small amount of hard vignetting when NiSi V6 filter holder is placed at a 45° angle of rotation to the lens. The current generation V6 Filter Holder and also the previous generation V5 / V5 Pro are fully compatible with the standard 82mm thread size of the Canon 15-35mm RF. You can take full advantage of the ability to stack up to 3 ND filters + circular polarisers and throughout the focal range while only noticing a very small amount of vignetting when the filter holder is rotated at 45° to the lens. The NiSi 100mm Switch filter holder can also be used offering the ability to align multiple grad filters differently.

The majority of Canon lens with exceptions like the 11-24mm f/4L, 14mm f/2.8L  and the 17mm TS-E f/4L tilt shift and some others, are compatible with the 100mm filter system holders. Any of our NiSi 100mm kitsV6 filter holder, individual 100mm x 100mm and 100mm x 150mm filters for our square filter holder systems can be used and is the system we would recommend as a long term investment, the ability to stack multiple filters, ease of transport and for flexibility of use over time.

Next best option – Using circular NiSi filters with the Canon 15-35mm RF f/2.8L lens

Thanks to the standard 82mm thread size the full range of NiSi circular ND filters will screw straight onto the front of the Canon 15-35mm f/2.8L lens. Circular polarizersUV / protection filters3 stop ND6 stop ND10 stop ND15 stop NDNatural Night and our variable ND filters are all fully compatible which means all existing 82mm NiSi circular filters can be used without introducing vignetting when using a single filter.

As always with circular filters they are best used without stacking them. Stacking multiple filters together tends to introduce vignetting due to the frames around the filters themselves. To learn more about whether square or circular neutral density filters are best for you check out our Square vs Circular ND filters article for more information.

Possible option – Using the NiSi 150mm filter system with the Canon 15-35mm RF f/2.8L lens

While it is possible to use the S5 150mm filter system with the Canon 15-35mm f/2.8L IS lens, there is no need to use the larger filters unless you have already invested into 150mm filter sizes, or unless other lenses you use in your kit are suited to this system. Thankfully within the Canon range of lenses in both RF and EF mounts the majority of lenses are all suited to using our 100mm filter system. But the option is always there by using a 150mm S5 Kit for standard filter threads which allows you to use two neutral density filters plus a circular polariser stacked together.
So for owners of the great Canon 15-35mm RF f/2.8L IS lens, we have a NiSi filter system to suit your needs. We definitely recommend the 100mm square filter system over circular or 150mm for long term flexibility and for ease of transportation when you rare traveling. At even the widest focal length of 15mm, the 100mm square filter system shows no vignetting when using any or all of the the available filters slots. But if you have already invested in 82mm circular ND filters, or 150mm filters these can also be used with this lens.

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