What is the best NiSi filter to protect my lens?


The front glass elements of your camera lenses are precision pieces of optics and care should always be shown to ensure no damage, cracks, or scratches happen through mishandling or when stored away for use. Any damage caused to the glass elements of a lens can lead to a degradation of image quality, lens flares or visible spots and scratches appearing in your images. Repairing damaged lenses can be costly. At worst you may need to replace the lens as repair bills can quite often be comparable to the replacement costs.

NiSi offers a range of circular screw-on filters that are perfect for protecting the front glass elements of lenses both while shooting, and also while storing and transporting your camera equipment. All of our protection and neutral density filters are made from the highest quality optical glass, allowing maximum light transmission for the best in image quality and performance. For those using a square NiSi filter system, our protective lens caps are a convenient and straightforward way of protecting your expensive lenses while storing and transporting them, without needing to remove the filter holder adaptor rings.

Care should always be shown to both your lens and any filters being used to protect them. A protective filter will be far less expensive to replace than any repairs required to the front element of your lenses. Let’s take a look at our recommendations for the best NiSi filters and accessories to protect your valuable lenses.


Circular Protection Filters

Our NiSi Pro Nano range of screw-on circular protection filters provide the ultimate in protection from accidental bumps, scratches, cracks, and damage to the front element of your lenses. Available in sizes from 43mm to 95mm, the NiSi Pro Nano Protection Filters are made from the highest quality optical glass and have our NiSi Nano coating on both sides to add an additional layer of scratch, oil and smear resistance and to help ensure they are easy to wipe clean. The optical glass used allows for up to 99.3% light transmission maximizing performance and image quality.

Our circular protection filters have an ultra-thin 5.2mm wide frame to ensure no vignetting on wide-angle lenses. It is not recommended to stack our circular filters though as the additional height and thickness of the additional filter frames may cause vignetting.

What is the best NiSi filter to protect my lens 1

UV Filters

Quite often, when purchasing a new lens, many camera stores will recommend the purchase and use of a UV filter to protect the front of your lens. Modern DSLR and mirrorless cameras will not benefit from UV filters in the way older film cameras do. Newer lenses also often come with a UV coating on the front glass element, negating any potential benefit in color reproduction a UV filter can provide. But a UV filter can provide an extra layer of protection to the front of your expensive lens, keeping things like dust and sand from scratching the glass, or from accidental damage through dropping your lens or bumping it against anything.

The NiSi range of circular screw-on UV filters come in a variety of different manufacturing materials for the surrounding frame – Titanium (Ti UV) with a Light Transmittance of 99.4% – Brass (HUC UV) with a Light Transmittance of 99.2% – and our most affordable UV filter the Aluminium (SMC UV) with a Light Transmittance of 98.9%.

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Other Neutral Density Filters or Circular Polarizers

High-quality neutral density filters and circular polarisers are quite often a lot more expensive than UV filters or Circular Protection Filters. It is always advisable to show as much care as possible in the usage and storage of any neutral density filters, but while using either circular screw-on filters and square filters, they do offer an additional layer of protection for your lens. Circular neutral density filters can also have the lens caps that are provided with the lens attached directly onto them, meaning you can leave the filter attached to your lens when storing it away.

All of our circular and square neutral density filters are made from precision optical glass and have our proprietary NiSi Nano Coating to provide the extra layer of dust and scratch protection as well as ensuring your filters are easy to clean.

NiSi Lens Caps

If you are using a square filter system such as the V6 100mm filter holder or the previous model V5 / V5 Pro filter holder, lens caps are provided within the kits (or available separately) that clip directly onto the 82mm adaptor ring. Rather than needing to remove the adaptor ring we have designed our lens caps to conveniently clip directly onto the adaptor, allowing you to leave the adaptor ring and possibly the circular polariser attached to you lens when packing your equipment away. This will also save you time when setting your gear up as the adaptor ring will already be set up and ready to clip your filter holder straight on!

What is the best NiSi filter to protect my lens cap
What is the best NiSi filter to protect my lens cap 1

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