Trade in any brand and upgrade to NiSi filters

Do you currently use any existing neutral density filters and want to ugrade to NiSi? Now is the time to do with our trade in promotional offer! Until April 30th 2020 we are accepting trade ins of any brand, shape and size of filter and offering a 20% off discount of a range of NiSi filter products including the NiSi M75 75mm, V6 100mm, S5 150mm system or a Circular Filter kit, plus free shipping of your trade in item.

What products can I trade in to upgrade to NiSi?


We are currently accepting either square filters, filter holders or circular filters from any brand on the market. This includes Lee, Haida, Cokin, Hoya or any other brand. You can also trade in your existing NiSi filters to either upgrade to another system, or replace any scratched filters you may have. We are accepting scratched filters, but will not accept cracked or broken filters. Your filter must still be in a usable condition and able to be either screwed on or inserted into a filter holder to be accepted during the trade in process.

What NiSi products can I upgrade to?


During the trade in promotion you are able to upgrade your existing circular or square filters / and or filter holders to any of the following NiSi Filters products –

Circular ND filters

NiSi Circular Filter Kits

Trade in any circular or square filters for a NiSi Circular Filter Kit in any of our available thread sizes

NiSi M75 Home Page

NiSi 75mm Filter System

Trade in an ugrade any circular or square filters for a M75 holder, M75 filter kit or individual 75mm filters.

NiSi V6 Home Page

NiSi 100mm Filter System

Trade in an ugrade any circular or square filters for a V6 holder, V6 filter kit or individual 100mm filters.

NiSi S5 Home Page

NiSi 150mm Filter System

Trade in an ugrade any circular or square filters for a 150mm S5 holder, 150mm filter kit or individual 150mm filters.

No matter what size or shape filters or holder you currently have, once your application is reviewed and accepted you can select from any of the above range and receive 20% off your entire purchase. You can uppgrade from your existing circular filters to a circular or square system. Or trade in any brand of sqaure system and choose from any of the above products as well.

How does the NiSi trade in offer work?


To upgrade your current filters to either a NiSi square filter system or a NiSi circular filter kit firstly you will need to submit an application with details of your current filters. This application process will need to have a photo of your current filter holder and / or filters supplied via the online application forms listed below for either square or circular filters –


Trade In and Upgrade to a NiSi Filter Holder, Square Filter or Circular Filter Kit.


Once we have received your application and approved the trade in process, we will provide you with a prepaid shipping label to send your existing filter/s and / or holder to us at no cost. To do so you will need to drop your parcel in any Australia Post post box or to any Post office.


Upon receiving your parcel at the NiSi office you will be provided with a 20% off discount coupon which can be used to complete your purchase via the website.

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