NiSi VARI Orange & Blue 82mm C-Polarizer (Discontinued)

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  • Enhance orange reflections (sunset) or blue tones.
  • Will cut the reflected light as a normal polarizer.
  • Multi-layer coating and stable colour coating.
  • Slim and smooth frame, for an easy handling.
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NiSi VARI Orange & Blue 82mm C-Polarizer allows you to enhance orange reflections (sunset) or blue tones to many shooting scenes, it’s a “secret weapon” used by many outdoor and landscape professional photographers to apply an authentic, on-camera, “hue shift” to the scene.

As you rotate the NiSi VARI Orange & Blue C-Polarizer, the colours in the scene will change from blue to orange and, of course, will cut the reflected light as a normal polarizer will do.

HD technology, unsurpassed quality.
Each piece of glass is strictly controlled on the filter surface, flatness and parallelism are at the most ideal level. We test each piece with a collimator, suitable for all types of high-definition lens shooting requirements.

Multi-layer coating and stable colour coating.
Each piece of glass has a double-sided multi-layer coating, reducing the impact of reflection on the image. High stability of the color film, will not fade on the corners.

Slim and smooth frame, for an easy handling.
Frame and the outer circumference are CNC machinery-made by the high-speed CNC Milling Machine, the surface with optical-grade environmental oxidation process has a strong weather resistance, grease and chemical resistance.


  1. When using digital SLR cameras, setting a custom white balance when screwing in the VARI Orange & Blue C-Polarizer will bring better results. For setting custom white balance, refer to the camera manufacturer’s instruction manual. Otherwise, when you observe the camera’s LCD screen, colour cast may appear due to the auto adjustment of WB.
  2. The influence of the VARI Orange & Blue C-Polarizer on the exposure value (filtration factor) is also similar to that of other polarizers, which is about 2-2.5 stops. Through the lens TTL metering there will be no problem to see accurate automatic exposure value.

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