NiSi Replacement Foam Gasket 3 Pack (Spare Part)

$10.95$14.95 inc. GST

  • 3 Pack of Replacement Foam Gaskets
  • Used for NiSi ND filters
  • Prevent light leaks
  • Spare Parts


NiSi Replacement Foam Gasket 3 Pack (Spare Part) is a pack of 3 replacement foam Gaskets for NiSi ND filters. ¬†Foam Gaskets are used to prevent light leaks and stop light entering between the lens and filter. Foam gaskets are required on all NiSI ND filters and from time to time may need replacing due to wear or damage. ¬†Four sizes of gaskets are available including for ND’s 70x80mm, 100x100mm, 150x150mm and 180x180mm.

How to replace foam gaskets on NiSi neutral density filters

When using any of the square neutral density filters in either the 70mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm or 180mm sizes the back side of the filter has a foam gasket that is designed to create a light seal against the filter holder. As you slide the filter in, the foam gasket ensures a complete seal against [...]