NiSi 75x100mm Nano IR Hard Graduated Neutral Density Filter – ND4 (0.6) – 2 Stop

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  • True to life colour, No colour cast
  • Perfect to balance the exposure when scenes have a sudden transition from the foreground to the sky
  • Optical glass for high definition
  • Waterproof and low reflection Nano Coating
  • Compatible with the NiSi M75 System

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75x100mm Hard GND Filters: 2 Stop (GND4)
  • NiSi 75x100mm HARD
  • NiSi 75x100mm HARD
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The NiSi 75x100mm Nano IR Hard Graduated Neutral Density Filter – ND4 (0.6) – 2 Stop is a rectangular filter that helps to darken specific areas of an image, such as bright skies while allowing for a normal, unaffected exposure in the other regions of the image. The filter is densest at the edge and tapers to clear by the middle, with a hard-edged line of transition between the dense and clear areas. Hard-edged GNDs have a sudden transition from dark to clear. This type of filter is most appropriate for scenes which have a sudden transition from the foreground to the sky. Most commonly, this would include landscapes with no elements protruding above the horizon such as a seascape looking toward the open ocean. They can be used shooting into the direct light where a sharp transition is needed. When used shooting away from the light, they can produce very moody and dramatic skies. Avoid using them where elements protrude above the horizon since those elements will appear very dark above the transition line in your image.

NiSi GND filters do not affect the colouration of the image, offer a true to life colour and are made from high-quality optical glass (not resin) with nano coating to prevent losing any single bit of detail.  By using neutral density filter the camera is vulnerable to infrared light which will cast the unwanted red colour to the photos when shooting at a small aperture. NiSi GND filters have an infrared protection coating layer to eliminate the infrared light through the lens to bring back the natural true to life colour.

The NiSi M75 filter system is great for compact and mirrorless cameras with lenses that have a standard filter thread from 40.5mm to 67mm.  

This 75x100mm filter is compatible with the NiSi M75 filter system. 

Before Hard NDNo Filter (Photo by Martin Magli)
Hard GND AfterWith Hard GND (Photo by Martin Magli)

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NiSi 75x100mm HARD
This item: NiSi 75x100mm Nano IR Hard Graduated Neutral Density Filter - ND4 (0.6) - 2 Stop
$125.00 inc. GST
$125.00 inc. GST
NiSi Cleaning Kit
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NiSi M75 Pouch Front
$35.95 inc. GST

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Packaged Weight 0.2 kg
Packaged Dimensions 13.2 × 14.5 × 2 cm
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Optical Glass

Compatible Holders

NiSi M75 System Filter Holder

Filter Type

ND4 (0.6)

F-Stop Reduction

2 Stop



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