Interview with USA landscape photographer Journe’ Germain

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The team at NiSi are very excited to chat with the talented USA based landscape photographer Journe’ Germain

Learn more about Journe’s photography journey below as he answers a series of questions, and allows us to showcase some of his personal favourite images.

Journe’ Germain’s Bio

Hello, I’m Journe Germain. A 43-year-old photographer based out of Massachusetts.  By day I’m in corporate aviation and by night & weekends, I’m a passionate landscape photographer. 

I first picked up the camera 10 years ago with the birth of my son. Always being an outdoors type person I started to realize I  really enjoyed taking my camera along on my many adventures. Very quickly I became obsessed. I spent every free moment teaching myself how to shoot and edit. After about 2 years  I was pretty drawn to long-exposure style photography and began experimenting with different style filters.

I was never truly satisfied until I made the leap to my Nisi system which brings me here today! Over the past 10 years, photography has brought me to so many amazing places and I’ve met some incredible people. I’m proud to say that my son has also found the photog bug and accompanies me on most of my adventures with his own camera and unique

Here are some images I have captured over the years.

Captured with NiSi V6 with CPL and 6 stop ND filter.

I was willing to risk my friend’s life for this shot. She was standing on sheer ice and very patient while I shot this

Q&A with Journe’ Germain

Question 1. What excites you about photography?

Being mainly a landscape photographer what excites me the most is simply unplugging from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life and connecting with my environment. One of my favorite things to shoot is waterfalls. Being in front of a waterfall is inanely calming and knowing that I’m about to use this experience to create a piece of art is always exciting!

Question 2. What NiSi products do you use and how has it enhanced your photography?

I’ve had many filter systems over the years but when I finally upgraded to my Nisi V6 system the quality of my photography really took off. I have one of the larger kits but mainly use the 3,6, and 10 stop neutral density filters always paired with the CPL. Prior to using the V6 system, I was never able to use a CPL along with a filter. I love how easy the system is to use and the image quality is fantastic. With other systems, you would often get a color cast over your image but I’ve never had this issue with the NiSi filters. I also recently acquired a drone so I went right out and got a Nisi Polarizer for the Mavic Pro 2. I never take that filter off.

Question 3. If you could take only one NiSi filter with you on a shoot what would it be?

It’s a tough decision to only choose one filter but if I had to narrow it down I’d choose either the 3 or 6 stop neutral density filters. I find that depending on the light and what I’m trying to achieve it’s one of those two that I’m always using. Teamed with the CPL of course!!

Question 4. What is the one thing that you have learned about photography that you would love to share with others?

Photography has taught me so many wonderful things over the years from a better appreciation of my surroundings, how welcoming and supportive the community is, and how much joy I get seeing the reaction from a stranger over an image I’ve created. But I think the number one thing I’ve taken away from photography is that i’s taught me to look at the world differently. I’m have totally changed the way I look at everything in my day-to-day life. I’m constantly looking for the next shot. The hidden beauty that most might just look past. It’s really opened my eyes to the world I live in!

Captured with NiSi V6 with CPL and 3 stop ND filter

Found this secret new spot at the begging of the summer. It was a bright day but I loved the texture of the water 

Captured with NiSi V6 with CPL and 3 stop ND filter.

Might have called out of work for these perfect waterfall conditions.

Captured with NiSi V6 with CPL and 6 Stop ND filter

Took a bucket list trip all by myself for this image. Possibly my favorite of the year.

Captured with NiSi V6 with CPL and 3 stop ND filter

This one is from a super secret spot. I was given the location by another amazing waterfall chaser that I met on Instagram. Shot in the morning just as the sun was rising.

Captured with NiSi V6 with CPL, 10 stop ND filter, and a 3 stop Grad ND filter.

Finally got some clouds to participate. I don’t often get these conditions so I was excited to be able to use my NiSi filters for a long exposure!

To learn more about Journe’ and to follow his social media please check out the link below:


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