Interview with NiSi Australia Ambassador Brett Wood


The team at NiSi are very excited to chat with the very talented Brett Wood – one of the most prominent Australia / New Zealand-based landscape photographers and long term NiSi user. Brett has had an extensive career hosting landscape photography workshops in many regions of the world, and produces commercial imagery for many brands, licensing and prints available for purchase through his website.

Learn more about Brett and his photography journey below as he answers a series of questions, and allows us to showcase some of his personal favourite images.

Brett Wood Bio

Hi, I’m Brett Wood, welcome to my photography world. 

I’m another self-confessed photography addict, I just love it and it is my passion…..

I have a burning passion for seeing and capturing beautiful landscape scenery from New Zealand, Australia, and the world, there is no better feeling than being out in nature taking photographs, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the adventure.

I’m a born and bred country boy growing up in Wagga Wagga NSW Australia, I now reside on the NSW Australia South Coast. Sharing my time between Australia & New Zealand’s South Island. With around 20 years of experience photographing New Zealand I often call New Zealand “My spiritual home” and New Zealand is my specialty location.

I have a very relaxed, friendly, easygoing nature and I really enjoy interacting with and teaching people. My other passions in life include fishing, traveling, family, the outdoors, and exploring the culinary world. 
My landscape photography tours have continued to grow from strength to strength, guiding and teaching is definitely my strong point and passion, I’d love to have you along on one of my tours!

I don’t do this job for money, I do it because I love it and I’m passionate about it, I really am living my dream.
Available to travel worldwide for any photography-related project.

Hoar Frost – New Zealand

Captured using a NiSi Enhanced CPL

This is an image I liked before I even captured it, this scene immediately drew me in and I worked on it until I got it right, the hoar frost in New Zealand winter really is a stunning spectacle. This will make a stunning print to suit any modern decor.

Q&A with Brett Wood

Question 1. What excites you about photography?

Answer The fact that you never know what you are going to get. Every time you go to a location you are going to get something different and there is the excitement of getting or seeing the image on the back of the camera and seeing how good it is and thinking to yourself that it’s going to make a really great print.

Question 2. What NiSi products do you use and how has it enhanced your photography?

Answer I use all the NiSi ND Filters but there are a couple of particular ones, the medium graduated filters and also the 6 and 10 stop ND’s. They certainly make a big difference to your photography, you get much more even exposure right throughout the entire image with better shadow detail, and also the NiSi circular landscape polariser does a fantastic job at killing glare or taking the glare out of an image and also enhancing the vibrant colors.

Question 3. If you could take only one NiSi filter with you on a shoot what would it be?

Answer It would definitely be the 4 stop medium graduated filter, I just really love the effect that filter has with evening out the exposure right throughout the whole image from the foreground to the sky so that’s definitely my favorite.

Question 4. What is the one thing that you have learned about photography that you would love to share with others?

Answer The first thing I have learned about photography is patience, you have to be very patient! The second thing I’ve learned is to pave your own path, don’t compare yourself to others, always create your own style and do your own thing and be confident in what you are doing and go your own way.

“No form of photography is right or wrong, it’s individual, I believe photography is a form, everybody has a different interpretation of photography. I call mine Photo Art”

Brett Wood

Church with snow – Slovenia

Captured with NiSi Enhanced CPL + ND64

This is my most popular ever image & still when I reflect, the most perfect days photography I’ve ever encountered. Captured at Lake Bled in Slovenia on a soft snowing foggy day with gentle soft light, fog & overhanging snow-draped branches all add to the scene perfectly

Mt Glenmary – New Zealand

Captured with NiSi Enhanced CPL + 0.9 Medium Grad

Mount Glenmary is a stunning mountain hidden back in the McKenzie region of New Zealand. This image was shot with my zoom lens very early one winters morning whilst guiding a photo client. The scene really spoke to me from afar and drew me in to take this small piece out of a majestic landscape, the long lingering clouds are so iconic New Zealand and really do make this peaceful scene.

Mt Cook – New Zealand

Captured with NiSi Enhanced CPL + 1.2 Medium Grad

Mount Cook is New Zealand’s highest mountain & it truly is a grand spectacle to see & photograph. This image was captured just after dusk in winter 2019’, I planned the image & it was all about maximising the window of light after the sunset to get the glow in the sky.

Bay of Fires – Tasmania

Captured with NiSi ND64 + 1.2 Medium Grad

Taken whilst guiding a workshop in April 2021, this was the best sunrise I’ve ever witnessed in Tasmania with stunning soft sidelight that lingered for half an hour.

To learn more about Brett and to follow him on social media please check out the links below –

FacebookBrett Wood on Facebook
YoutubeBrett Wood on Youtube

2 thoughts on “Interview with NiSi Australia Ambassador Brett Wood”

  1. Brett
    The photos in this item are magnificent. You may remember that you introduced me to the NISI filter range a few years ago. During this time NISI has upgraded its holder system and the V6 system holds the frame onto the lens in a very safe way. I also use the round polariser in my system and you showed me how to use it too. All the best in your continuing journey. I even took some photos from a helicopter around Uluru and Kata Tjuta in April. One is on the webpage “Escape Pic of the Month”. If you do a session at Cathedral Rocks at Kiama I may be interested especially as you edit the photos and give participants a finished product to take home.


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